There’s the pie in the sky and there’s the one that’s on TV

Young woman listening to music and looking at CDs in a music shop

Your inner radio

The music business is really weird. It’s bound to the notion that you need to produce something completely original and get famous for it. It’s as if the creator needs to be blessed by some muse from another world who gave them the keys for achieving “success.” Inspiration falls from…

Expanding your range of listening

Vinyl disc on top shelf with record collection

The new frontier

Before the pandemic, I made a point to catch at least three live indie music acts a month. Much of the time, I was not too familiar with the bands I was going to hear. It’s an experiment of sorts to give myself the opportunity of a direct experience without…

Copying your idols is a great way to learn new techniques. However, your creative and musical development should not end there.

Copying your idols is a great way to learn new techniques.

The ‘Hammer’ of the Blues Gods

Studying musical cultures from around the world (or even from our own backyard) is a voyage of discovery. It activates our curiosity and challenges our notion of what defines music. We become more receptive to new ways of hearing and, in turn, we respond by setting out to learn this…

As an anti-artist, you employ innovative thinking by stepping off the well-worn path. Venturing in new directions inspires re

Anti-Artist Rebel

Are your songs starting to sound the same? Do you find yourself covering similar ground, reinforcing old tactics in your creative process? We’re habitual creatures. It feels safe to tread on familiar ground. I’ve often thought of going to the same vacation spot every year. Although repeat visits could deepen…

Confronting Writer’s Block Head On

Writer’s block can be difficult to navigate.

The Monster in a Box

Stagnation is an annoying obstacle that keeps you from getting your work done. This is also known as writer’s block. Writer’s block can occur at any point in your project. Initially, you might begin with a clear idea of what you want to do. The problem is, you can’t bring…

The blue forest is dark and ominous.

Creativity Diver

Creativity can be dangerous. It is fraught with anxiety, peril, isolation, displacement, boredom, dread, pain, and damnation. At the same time, the desire to create things seems to come from a joyful place. It’s the joy we experience when we accomplish the goal of finishing our work. Of course, there…

John Merigliano

I am a songwriter and composer. I write about music and the creative process.

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